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Location: San Diego, CA

Main Contact: Meghan Mietus

Contact Phone: (619) 295-8232 x 171
Contact Email: meghanm@theideabrand.com
Tags: Digital Agency, Design, Development, Integrated Agency

We are i.d.e.a. 

positioning //

i.d.e.a. is a progressive, creative communications leader. We deliver smart, right-sized ideas that live in all the unique places consumers play. Consumers move fast, and so do we, to propel our brand partners forward and make brands matter. We move people, products and culture. We do this by bringing our brand partners integration unlike any other agency, through a process that ensures a 360-degree approach to their marketing challenges.

vision //


i.d.e.a. specializes in courage brands. Brands that have the courage to challenge the status quo. To stretch toward new, better ways to succeed. To be notable not only for their impact on their core audiences, but the greater world in which we live. To be courageous in all ways. i.d.e.a. has been created by forward-thinking founders who envision changing the ways brands and communications companies’ partner with each other. Our goal is to move people, products and culture through an approach we best describe as “fuller full service.” Our process enables our brand partners more time to do what they do best, because they no longer have to manage multiple agencies and repeat brand platforms across a variety of discipline specialists — we have them all in-house.

philosophy //

i.d.e.a. moves people, products and culture through its core disciplines: advertising, branding, digital and mobile marketing, social media, design, experiential, public relations and media strategy, planning and placement Simply put, we believe in organic integration for our brand partners. We cannot help but think about your business from multiple platforms, and we have the leaders in each discipline to pay this off. Brands hire i.d.e.a. because our creative process is agnostic — we spread our thinking across all disciplines and delivery points to ensure our brand partners engage with their customers in all the right ways.